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Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the Parent Responsibilities outlined below. The table of links is provided to support you in achieving these goals.

Parent Responsibilities

As a parent you are appreciated as part of the Piranhas team! We know you have worked hard to raise your children and create the environment in which they grow. The following guidelines are provided to help all members of the team, including parents, coaches, and swimmers, to function well together and provide the best experience possible for your children.

Let the coach be the coach - The coach's job is to motivate and constructively improve the swimmer's performance, while the parents provide support and encouragement. We want your swimmer to relate quickly to his or her coach, and when the swimmer has one source for training matters, he or she will develop a relationship of trust and respect with the coach.

Model good sportsmanship - Swimmers are encouraged and expected to cheer on their teammates and support each other in both practices and events. They should participate in meets in the spirit of friendly competition, shaking hands with competitors and congratulating them for a job well done. By modeling the same supportive and friendly behavior as adults, we create an environment where all participants can thrive and have fun.

Participate - The success of the Elk Grove Piranhas Swim Team is fundamentally dependent upon each family's participation. It literally takes hundreds of hours to manage the Team and its many activities throughout the season. Because we are a non-profit organization, we are completely dependent upon the help of family volunteers. Active participation not only keeps the team running smoothly but will model what it means to be a responsible team member.

Please carefully read the Team Handbook. It outlines team policies and procedures that you will be required to follow in order for your swimmer to participate. If you have questions, please contact one of our Board members listed on the Piranhas Board page.

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Parent Volunteer Policy

The success of the Elk Grove Piranhas Swim Team is fundamentally dependent upon each family's participation. It literally takes thousands of hours to manage the Team and its many activities before, during, and after the season. Because we are a nonprofit organization, we are completely dependent upon the support and volunteerism of our families. These volunteers keep the season running smoothly for our swimmers.

In accordance with this, each family is required to volunteer for twenty (20) hours during the regular swim season and for two (2) shifts at Champs (provided the family attends).

The penalty for not completing the required hours is $10.00 per missing hour. This financial penalty will be assessed at registration for the next swim season. Every attending family at Champs or Meet of Champs is required to work 2 shifts. Failure to do so will result in a $50.00 fine added to the next registration period.

It is the family's responsibility to check that their hours are being tracked accurately and that they complete their required hours.

This policy is included on page six of the Registration Packet. Policy details are also available in the 'Parent Volunteers' section of the Team Handbook.

Thank you for your dedicated work.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Opportunities will be posted here and on the Breaking News! page as they become available

Please contact Jill Silverman, the Volunteer Coordinator, if you are interested or have questions about volunteering.

2017 Piranhas Invitational

For those of you attending or who need volunteer hours for the season, please sign up for available volunteer positions at the link below. For some timers who signed up on the pool deck, we have added your names at the following link.

Visit the Piranhas Invitational Sign-ups page at to sign-up for your desired position/shift.

2017 Key Meet Positions

We very much need some additional volunteer help for three key positions:

  • Stroke and Turn Judges: benefits include front and center view of your kids swimming, cool shirt, awesome tan lines
  • Meet Referees: benefits include front and center view, pretty important person, sometimes get a whistle, awesome tan lines
  • Starters: benefits include front and center view, get to talk as much as you want, awesome tan lines

While parents who were former swimmers will find these positions to be pretty easy to understand and fun, please know that anyone can serve these roles with training. If anyone is interested in learning about these positions and wants training, we will be offering training/observation/shadowing for these positions during our Invitational Swim Meet on May 21, 2017. You can practice your skills at that meet.

Your training hours will count towards your volunteer requirements for the 2017 season. So please help the team have all the necessary qualified meet officials, and submit your interest to our Volunteer Coordinator.

2018 Open Board Positions

We have two (2) positions that will be open in 2018 and will need to "shadow" the current Board member in 2017:

  • League Representative / currently James Jungkeit
  • Treasurer / currently Lynda Willis

You can view all Board positions and associated Roles and Responsibilities on the Piranhas Board page. Emails are also available so you can contact any current Board Member to ask specific questions about their role.

If you are interested in one of these Board seats, please email our Secretary, Juline Fujii.

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Annual Parent Awards

Rudy Castillo Award

The recipient of this award is a person who demonstrates to the Piranhas' young people their importance both as team members and as individuals doing their best. This person is one who displays enthusiastic support for all team members, whether in the fast or slow lanes.

Steve Phang, 2017

Dee Moretti Volunteer Award

This award was created to honor an exceptional parent volunteer who has shown an outstanding commitment to the team and is always ready to dive in and help the team succeed.

James Breakfield, 2017

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